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New to yoga? - You don’t have to be flexible, thin, fit or spiritual to do yoga.

Yoga can increase body strength, aid healing of injuries, compliment other forms of exercise, increase stamina help you to breath deeper and your mind to become calmer – these and much, much more are the most wonderful “side affects” of yoga. Come and give it a try – trial class £5.

More about me - I have a real passion for the physiology of people and my ultimately interests lie in using Yoga as a therapy, from physical injuries, post natal rehabilitation to the vast benefits you can reap for your mental health.– for me it’s a life maintenance necessity and if people can. 

My continued learning:

Additional training:

Pelvic pain in pregnancy

Doug kellar

Julie gudstead

Postnatal and perimenporsal

New to Yoga? – yoga is for everyone – I know every website says it but it’s true! you don’t have to be flexible or be able to stand on your head, you don’t need to want to find your inner self, or want to focus on your breath (although I do say that a lot in class) it kind of just happens as a by product of practicing the physical asanas (postures). Yoga can be what ever you want it to be – when practicing for a while you then discover all these amazing by products that start affecting your daily life.
I’m not someone who has their kit together, in fact since having children I am even more, chaotic, disorganised and delayed most of the time  The question is what would I be if I didn’t have yoga! When I’m going through particularly stressful time and I’m thinking were is the rip cord I automatically  start breathing deeper, I stay calmer (notice I say Calm-er) and that is yoga, its in moments like those (and there can be many when you have small children equally if you don’t have children) moments like those I realise I have yoga, I have these amazing tools right here and then I think, what would I be like if I didn’t! Come do yoga,

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