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About Me

Twenty years ago I fell in love with yoga because of how it supported me both physically and mentally and I have since made it a huge part of my life. I trained as a professional dancer when I was younger and although my career took me elsewhere for many years, my fascination with the way we move our bodies and how they interact with the world around us never left me.

This all brought me to wanting to study yoga and I completed my 200 hr teacher training in 2011 with Yogacampus, one of the UK’s top Yoga Teacher Training Centres which is accredited by Yoga Alliance US and by the Independent Yoga Network. I went on to train in Pregnancy yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli owner of Womb Yoga and Postnatal yoga and Childbirth Preparation with Birthlight. 

I have been influenced by many teachers and many styles along the way and my teaching style reflects all of this. I continue to learn when I can from amazing teachers, such as, Graham Burns – a yoga philosophy and historian genius, Sarah Litton a yoga therapy guru, Sue Stockwell a wonderful pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher and Susanne Lahusen a wonderful, inspirational teacher and an exceptional anatomy expert.

My interests very much lie in using Yoga therapeutically, from, generally building strength physically and mentally to support everyday life, aiding the recovery of physical injuries, postnatal rehabilitation, through to the vast benefits it can offer our mental health. I love the overall balance that Yoga can bring to your whole being – for me it is a life maintenance necessity - I have two lively young boys and without yoga I think I would be a heap on the floor. I use yoga in all areas of my life not just on a mat. In my classes, I hope for you to take that balance with you too.

Additional training:

Doug Kellar – Yoga as a Therapy

Julie Gudstead – Yoga as Therapy – Muscle imbalances

Susanne Lahusen – Yoga for hypermobility

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli - Postnatal and peri menopausal Yoga workshop

Julie Cameron with BWY – Pelvic pain in pregnancy

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