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About Me

I'm Emma,


I am extremely passionate about people understanding and learning more about their body and mind.  Paying attention to yourself,

learning about how you work is powerful and can make life easier.

This could be: understanding how your shoulder works so you can ease the symptoms of neck and shoulder tightness or finding the best practice that will ease persistent headaches, so you can go about your day as you wish.

Or you are stressed, overwhelmed or anxious and you'd give anything to just chill out and get a better nights sleep.

Or you've just given birth and have no idea how to move, breath or even be with a new born when everything aches and you are meant to be resting, rehabilitating and healing and you have no idea where to start, with  new born in tow. To a mum juggling the world with no time but is in desperate need to understand what is going on with her lower back and pelvic floor.  To finding yourself in the middle of peri menopause maze and not having the time or energy to navigate all the advice.

I'm here for all of that.  Knowing what you don't know or don't have time to find out, having someone help you navigate those things, these times, gives you back time and energy and space as well as knowledge and practices that you can call on time and time again to support yourself.

I work using all different mode of practice, as much as I love yoga (and the system of Yoga is a beautiful thing), I integrate functional movement, mobility, education, breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation, life style audits.  Making sure you are moving in ways that work for you and support your body and your mind. Working from the foundations up. 

Every person is unique and moves in a different ways, I have a hypermobile body, which means I have had to learn how to work with my own body, I trained as a dancing and was constantly injured.  My own journey through various injuries and then pregnancy, childbirth, cesarean recovery, a postnatal journey and now motherhood and navigating peri menopause have had an influence on how I teach and share information and practices with clients.

Anatomy informed, movement education and sustainable movement is really important to me, and is important when working with clients, Being able to understand and know what is best for you and your body can be life changing.

I have a special interest in women's health. 

I worked closely with a Yoga therapist after the birth of my first child as my body kind of "fell apart", due to my hypermobility and the physical and mental exhaustion of recovering from a long labour and cesarean birth, walking away from that with no real information. helpful advice or support.  The lack of information after a cesarean birth (birth in general) still astounds me, it gives me so much joy to be able to support postnatal woman in knowing and understanding their own bodies and the transition through pregnancy, birth and their own postnatal journey. There is so much we are still not told.

I've trained with some great teachers in yoga as well as outside of Yoga. I continue to train and learn, read and practice to be able to support more people.

Yoga Campus 200HR Teach training

Uma Dimsmore-Tuli - Pregnancy Yoga

Birthlight - Postnatal yoga

BIrthlight - Birth preparation with partners 

Burrel Education - Advance Postnatal Studies Diploma

Burrel Education - 3rd Age Holistic Diploma Perimenopause - post menopause training

The Breathing school - The Shala - coherent Breathing and Breathing therapy for various conditions.

Doug Kellar – Yoga as a Therapy

Julie Gudstead – Yoga as Therapy – Muscle imbalances

Susanne Lahusen – Yoga for hypermobility

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli - Postnatal and peri menopausal Yoga workshop

Julie Cameron with BWY – Pelvic pain in pregnancy

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