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​"Emma’s antenatal yoga classes were the best preparation I did during my pregnancy.  They gave me the confidence to feel ready to cope with contractions and labour, as well as allowing me time during pregnancy to relax and connect with my unborn baby."

Isy, South East London

Pregnancy Yoga

From 12 weeks through until birth, no yoga experience necessary. During my classes, you will work through physical postures that will build strength and stamina to support the physical changes of your body, you will learn and practice breathing and relaxation techniques to use through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.  Yoga can give a wealth of benefits through out your pregnancy, physically and mentally, If you would like to chat about the classes please do contact me. We have a private facebook group so you can talk and share with the other "mums to be" in your class.

If you have pelvic girdle pain please do contact me to talk through how the class can work for you. 


Mum and Baby yoga is ideal from 8 weeks post natal. This is a class where you can relax with your baby amongst other mums, at the same time you will work to gain strength and stability as your body adjusts after pregnancy.


The class gently works the whole body, with particular focus on core strength and the pelvic floor, as well as easing out areas of the body that are tight from the new world of moving with your baby.


Part of the class is dedicated to the mums and in the other part we integrate songs and movement with your baby. You will learn everyday techniques that support you physically and mentally and I always fit in a relaxation (babies do not need to be quite) at the end of class to set you up for the rest of your day.

Private sessions

Early postnatal sessions - I offer these private sessions in hospital or home - we work through breathing techniques and physical alignment for the initial postnatal period, you will also learn new ways to support your changing body after birth. Please contact me for further details. 


Childbirth preparation with partner workshops - Group and Private sessions available. you and your partner will work through the stages of labor and birth in a very practical session, looking at breathing and movement techniques known to support women through Childbirth.

  • Six weeks pregnancy yoga classes

  • Birth preparation workshop in your home, for you and your partner

  • Early postnatal yoga session at home or hospital

  • Group and private package available.


Contact me for details >

Pregnancy and

birth package.

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