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Cesarean "Belly" birth recovery and postnatal Journey

Whether you had a planned or unplanned cesarean birth the recovery and the few weeks after birth can sometimes feel confusing and over whelming.

Caesarean Birth recovery - Birth – 3 months

Early postnatal recovery - Birth - 3 months

  • Private session one off - £125

  • Private 4 week package - £350

  • Pelvic floor 101 session – £65

There is a lot of information out there in the ether but it's hard to know exactly what is right for you and your particular situation.

Had a baby in the last year
Had a baby a while ago (how ever many years)

Had a baby a while ago (it can even be 30 years later)

  • Private session one off - £125

  • 8 week back on track package – £690

  • Join a class

  • Day Retreat

Just had a baby

I had a unplanned cesarean birth 9 years ago and was at a complete lose as to what the recovery involved with no helpful information handed to me and found it really confusing trying to find information on line or know what was right for me. 

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