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6 week course for mums however far postnatal you are

It's another long term!!!

I’m running my 6 week course designed for mums that have left their core strength somewhere; have forgotten their pelvic floor and have various other bits of themselves scattered in different places.  This course is for you, however far postnatal you are.  You are busy dropping off, commuting, working at home or at the office, negotiating, picking up, smiling and crying, and you don’t have time to think about what you need to do to strengthen yourself, especially the bits of you that help when your 5, 6, 7+ year olds are climbing, jumping and throwing themselves at you.


The course focuses on rebuilding and stabilising your body from scratch, starting at the basics, drawing your body together, core strength, pelvic floor, as well as waking up the specific muscles that support you, hold you up, keep you together. We will practice breathing techniques to help calm

you, and help you feel more relaxed.


I can’t help get your kids shoes on, remember their water bottles, PE kits, dress up day! But I can help with energy levels, reducing stress, a clearer head to be able to remember all the many things you have to remember, think about, work out and do! 


After the 6 weeks you will do all the things with a bit more strength and togetherness!

You will start to notice/listen to what your body needs

You will feel stronger

You will feel a stronger core connection

You will breath naturally deeper

You will feel less stressed

You will feel calmer in challenging negotiations - such as the right/wrong snack in the bag, a million pound contract or space on a commuter train.


Feel more together.


Now is the time to address the things you have put to the bottom of your to do list, get “you” stronger inside and out leading you up to Christmas and into 2020.


Here is what the gorgeous ladies thought, who previously took the course:

"From doing the course, my posture improved and I feel calmer and more positive in general"


"I didn’t think I wanted the breathing / meditation but found it really helpful taken into my daily life". 

"I felt stronger and more knowledgeable about my body in general"

"Emma is a wonderful yoga teacher. The course was accessible and upbeat. By the end of the 6 weeks my shoulders had relaxed and I was walking tall"


The format of the 6 week course:


  • 6 x 1 hour group sessions

  • Weekly what’s app prompts

  • Weekly home practice

  • A home practice plan and breathing technique to see you through the Christmas holidays!

Optional - 1x1 hour private session - assessment and advice on specific individual issues (taken before group sessions start)- ideal if you have specific issues you’d like to address such as pelvic floor and stomach separation. £45 if signing up for the course.


The cost for the 6 week course is £120.  Starts 7th November

Contact me to chat through your needs and make sure the course is for you, or if you know it is and you want to book please drop me an email and I'll send you payment details. Looking forward to getting you  back on track asap.

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