Hi My lovely lovelies

As we emerge from the restrictions, whether you are feeling excited, relieved or apprehensive I am wishing you lots of love, strength and as much fun as you can allow yourself! This time has affected us all differently at different times.

If you are new to my site, I am so glad you found your way here, I am in the process of updating this site with more information. I've been training away and have some new classes I'll be putting up soon. 


In the meantime I have listed below sessions I currently offer, I work predominately with women and women who have had children but scroll down as I have some new breathing session/classes that are for absolutely everyone. Message me to book or if you need any more information (whilst I get it all in a nice neat and tidy format).

Private sessions for mums

Cesarean birth recovery - from birth to 3 months

A session (or more) to aid healing using breathing and gentle movements and lots of tips, tools and information to guide you through what can be a confusing time - my aim is to take away the confusion so you can recovery and enjoy all the newness all around. These sessions help your transition from pregnancy to postnatal.  

Early postnatal session - from birth to 3 months

A session (or more) to help your transition from pregnancy to postnatal. Breathing, movement (practical as well as healing) techniques and lots of tips and tools to support your recovery, reconnection (as your body adjust after birth) and help to take away any confusion so you can recovery, enjoy and focus on the newness all around.

Pelvic floor sessions - (How ever long ago you had your baby)

These sessions are short 101 on your pelvic floor, things that support good pelvic floor function and things that don't.

A bit of an education or a recap, exercise techniques. These can be done individually or as a small group.

Back on Track course - 121 available now. Group course Starting September.

This is an 8 week course, if you had you baby a while ago and are feeling a bit exhausted, a mum doing all the things and feeling a bit depleted, you've been needing to sort out aches, pains and niggles in your body but haven't found the time. This is a back to basics cover all course, we go back to the foundations and build up, the way you breathe, the way you move and the way you think, all have a massive impact on the life we are living, an all rounder to get you back on track.

One off sessions are available if you just need a bit of a refresh or have a particular thing you need support with.

All the above I use breathing techniques, functional movement, yoga and exercises to ease our busy minds reducing anxiety and stress.  As well as practical tips and tools to make life that bit easier.

Private session open to everyone

Breathing!!! we all do it, lets do it really well.

Back to basic breathing sessions - using coherent breathing.

The way we breath impacts on every aspect of us. This technique brings balance to the brain waves, heart rate and respiratory system. It's a lovely super simple breath practice and as a bonus it can have profound affects on your overall state of mind and being, so everything feels better. This breathing technique with some additional elements, can ease symptoms of, anxiety, sleeplessness, covid, long covid, migraines to name a few. Drop me a message if you'd like to know more or if you have something specific you'd like help with

121 sessions or a Back to Basics breathing workshop available for your work place or a group of friends


Breath easy Tuesdays 12.30 online - Coming soon

A 30/40 minute class to take time out and practice the coherent breathing, each week we will do a slightly different variation

General Yoga Class for women Tuesdays 7.45 – 8.55pm -

Online £10 One off class - BOOK HERE 

£48 for 6 classes - BOOK HERE

Postnatal 5 week course - Tuesdays 11.30 - 12.30 Starting 29th June at The Yoga Mela South Norwood Book direct here

Postnatal Yoga Wednesdays, 11.00 - 12.00pm -on line- a 4 week course starting 30th June £48 for 4 weeks  -

Book here for the full 4 week 

Book here for Individual weeks

Mureel classes Thursdays day time online - Coming soon

Using breathing and imagination techniques to feel good in our head and body. Based on the breath, neuroscience, physiology and Tebitan yoga, the exercises are fun, simple and bring a sense of ok and more if you let them.

All online classes are recorded so if you miss a session you still have the class.

Booking any of the above - Contact me with any questions on up and coming courses or to book if you can't above - drop me a message here

Lots of love to you all,

Emma xx

'I started taking private classes after going to Emma's open classes...

She has amazing attention to detail in your alignment and is brilliantly skilled at adapting classes to injuries and particular needs.' Jen, Herne Hill

Strengthen, Focus, and... Relax

Strengthen, lengthen, and... Relax

Yoga gives you an array of benefits across all aspects of yourself, physically and mentally. Build strength and stability in your body, whilst using the breath to release tension, stress and aid relaxation, gaining a feeling of balance as you walk back into your everyday life. If you are new to yoga come give it a try.

Classes are relaxed!

You will notice in my classes that I talk about the breath a lot, this is because it is so perfect for focusing the mind, quieting negative self talk, increasing energy levels and... staying alive in general.

Read more about me.

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