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I'm Emma I'm so glad you found  your way here.

A little bit about what I do and how I work, I use functional movement, breathing, yoga,

mindfulness, life style review to support women through all stages of life.

Originally I trained as a dancer, then trained as a yoga teacher, I then continued my

training in advanced postnatal studies (all areas of postnatal journey), further training

in pelvic health, pregnancy, birth prep, breathing techniques, Yoga for therapy,

mindfulness and meditation.

I use all of my training, research, reading, lived experience and 12 years experience

of working predominately with women to help them move through life's transitions.

Pregnancy, postnatal, peri-post menopause.


My classes are listed below as well as things I have coming up and some information on

other ways you can work with me.

You can check out the more about the way I work on the About Me page, or please do

message with any questions or to book in a chat for more information.






Open classes

Wednesday 11am

Mum and baby Postnatal Yoga

Fison Fitness, Herne Hill


Wednesday 7.30pm

Yoga and wellness Wednesdays, a mix of Yoga, movement and meditation

In person and online at Alleyn's Pavilion North/East Dulwich 


Contact me with any questions to chat through before you book to make sure it is right for you.  

Drop me a message here





Looking for something more specific here are some of the ways I can help support you. The way I work is not set in stone, I work to your needs. For 121 sessions, it's best to contact me so we can talk through what you are looking for and decide if I am a right fit for you.  Do drop me an email to book in a chat here

Back on Track course - 121 available now. 

This is an 8 week course, if you had your baby a while ago and are feeling a bit scattered, doing all the things and you've been needing to sort out any aches, pains, headaches and/or niggles in your body for a while but haven't found the time.

This is a back to basics cover all course, we go back to the foundations and build up, from the way you breathe, move and the way you think, all have a massive impact on the life you are living, an all rounder to get you back on track.

One off sessions are available if you just need a bit of a refresh or have a particular issue you need support with.

Pregnancy Yoga sessions and Birth preparation workshops with birth partners

One off sessions or part of a full package

Early postnatal session - from birth to 3 months - 4 week course is ideal

A session (or more) to help your transition from pregnancy to postnatal. Breathing, movement, techniques and lots of tips and tools to support your recovery, reconnection (as your body adjust after birth), helping to take away any confusion so you can recover, enjoy and focus on the newness all around.

Cesarean birth recovery - from birth to 3 months and beyond - 4 week course is ideal

A session (or more) to aid healing using breathing and gentle movements, with lots of tips, tools and information to guide you through what can be a confusing time - my aim is to take away the confusion so you can focus on recovery and getting to know your new baby.

Postnatal session - from 3 months and beyond.

Get to know and now to navigate your postnatal rehabilitation journey body and mind.

Pelvic floor sessions - (How ever long ago you had your baby)

These sessions are short 101 on your pelvic floor, things that support good pelvic floor function and things that don't.

A bit of an education or a recap, exercise, techniques. These can be done individually or as a small group.

With all the above I use life style tips, breathing techniques, postural work, functional movement, yoga and meditation and relaxation to ease your body, busy mind and help to alleviate anxiety and stress.  As well as practical tips and tools to make life more balanced.

And Breathing!!!  Back to Basics breathing workshop available for you, your work place or a group of friends

The way we breathe impacts every aspect of us. Going back to basics helps to take back control of your well being. Building on the foundations I do a breathing assessment, then work with various breathing technique and pranayama practices to find out the best practice for your needs. Pranayama and breathing well can help ease symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, migraines and much more. 

Drop me a message here if you'd like to know more or if you have something specific you'd like help with.

Lots of love to you all,

Emma xx


Caesarean healing, rehabilitation and
introduction to self scar massage.

Friday 12th July 2pm

'I started taking private classes after going to Emma's open classes...

She has amazing attention to detail in your alignment and is brilliantly skilled at adapting classes to injuries and particular needs.' Jen, Herne Hill

Take a moment to pause and pay attention to yourself...

Emma Jackson| | Herne Hill | Dulwich | Peckham | Brixton | Crystal Palace | West Norwood | SE London

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